Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Unusual View of Christianity

by Robert C. Frank

I have been a Lutheran and an active Christian all of my life, but when I wrote the book Christ’s Team it provided an unusual view of Christianity. A reader might wonder where that view came from. During the years that I was doing scientific research I was studying the movement of small impurity atoms in solid materials. I was not able to see single atoms so I was always studying billions of atoms at a time wondering why they were doing the strange things they were doing. When I wrote Christ’s Team I was studying the behavior of the more than two billion Christians around the world and asking why they were doing the things they were doing. I wanted a deeper understanding of how their activities were related.

I saw, for example, that by obeying the Ten Commandments and the two recommended by Jesus, they made human life happy and functional. Through prayer they acquired God’s forgiveness, wisdom and courage to deal with problems in their lives. They gathered together every seven days to pray, sing, compare notes, and become inspired. They bore children and supported each other in training them. Furthermore, these Christians were always involved in helping other people who were ill or underprivileged. They were dedicated to making the world better for all people.

By viewing Christianity from a distance like that, Christians who read the book will see more clearly the role that Jesus has had in shaping the development of civilization on earth. Outsiders who read the book will be able to understand why the teachings of Jesus continue to be important in the 21st century. They might even see the benefits of becoming a Christian. 
Robert C. Frank
Author of: Christ’s Team