Thursday, April 21, 2011

Challenges Are Needed for Happiness

Creation involves overcoming obstacles and if we are to be God’s creation assistants it means constantly facing new challenges. As citizens of the United States, we are currently struggling to provide adequate health care for everyone in our country while at the same time trying to help stabilize governments in another part of the world, both substantial challenges.

In our personal lives, challenges are necessary for happiness for the following reasons: (1) They provide purpose and direction for our lives. (2) They develop our skills and we experience the joy of accomplishment. (3) They help us learn to work with other people in team relationships and we get to enjoy the fellowship. Whether our challenge for the day is learning to use new computer software, balancing our finances, getting needed exercise, planning a party, cleaning the kitchen, rearranging the living room, or carrying out a work project on the job, happiness occurs when such challenges are pursued using principles taught by Jesus.

First of all we need to pray for God’s wisdom and always try to keep challenges in perspective.  It may not look that way, but in most cases the challenges of our lives are shared with other people so solutions will occur when we work effectively with them. Teamwork is important. Sometimes solutions take time so patience is necessary. Members of Christ’s Team lead happy and productive lives when they rely on and are grateful for the resources God has provided for them.

Peace is found in prayer.
Robert C. Frank