Thursday, April 21, 2011

Christianity in a World Being Created

We live in a rapidly changing world that has resulted in an information explosion. Christian outreach that was effective in earlier stages of cultural development and still works well in underdeveloped countries has lost some of its effectiveness in cultures where members are exposed to a growing awareness of the large number of biblical interpretations and questions raised by scientific research.

As a result a complicated 21st century Christianity is embedded in an even more complicated mosaic of world humanity. Nevertheless, there is a remarkable view of Christianity that emerges out of that complicated background if you stare long enough.

The focal point for seeing this view is the idea that the followers of Jesus, as the Body of Christ, have become Christ’s Team assisting God with creation on Earth. Focusing on that idea makes it possible for Christians to summarize their understanding of Christianity by saying “We are members of Christ’s Team continuing God’s creation on Earth under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our mission is to teach people about God’s grace and continue to reduce suffering, helping all people lead happy and productive lives.”

That view also weaves science and Christianity together in a partnership. Christianity needs the communication improvements created by science and modern science requires teamwork taught by Christianity. Christianity has been teaching teamwork in the form of respect, love and grace for a very long time. Creation continues and a beautiful world is evolving, but it will require the diligent teamwork of all of us.

Wisdom is found in prayer.
Robert C. Frank