Thursday, April 21, 2011

Creation Viewed from the Hubble

I recently had an opportunity to see the three dimensional movie about repair work on the Hubble telescope that is making the rounds of the IMAX theatres. The photography is spectacular and provides three exceptional views of creation.

Since the Hubble is in orbit only about 346 miles above the surface of the Earth, it provides an astronaut’s view of our planet rarely seen. In the movie Earth is seen in the background since the pictures are mainly of the astronauts repairing the telescope, but still it is a remarkable view. What an awesome planet God put us on and it deserves our utmost respect.

There are larger telescopes on Earth than the Hubble but its location outside most of the atmosphere gives it viewing capabilities that the other telescopes don’t have. The views of the universe achieved through the Hubble and seen in the movie provide an incredible spiritual view of creation. Most people who see the movie are deeply moved.

When we see the astronauts working on the telescope, we are reminded again that these special views of our universe were made possible by exceptional human teamwork. Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ came as a servant leader to teach human beings the benefits of teamwork and the followers of Jesus have been working ever since to continue creation. The Hubble telescope and its astounding views of the universe are products of humans working together as a team. Don’t miss the movie at your local IMAX theatre.

Peace is found in prayer
Robert C. Frank