Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dealing With Natural Disasters

The extensive damage and loss of life created by the recent earthquake in Haiti has reminded us again that our beautiful blue planet has awesome capabilities for supporting human life, but it is not perfect. Occasionally the solid plates forming the Earth’s crust beneath our feet need to move to relieve the stresses and that can produce catastrophic damage. Since natural disasters destroy the lives and property of the innocent as well as the chronic wrong doers, it is difficult to believe that they are part of God’s plan. Rather, it suggests that creation isn’t finished and that God needs us to assist with the process. We may not be able to control the winds or earth movement, but we can learn how to protect human lives and restore damaged property.

Modern communication systems provide improved early warning, but still need fine tuning. Governments working together using science and technology provide medical aid for the injured, burial of the dead and partial restoration of living facilities, but there is still much to learn to increase efficiency. The cleanup of the destruction and rebuilding of homes and lives takes much longer. Christian organizations that are part of Christ’s Team have permanent bases in almost every country in the world and are usually among the first to arrive at a disaster site and the last to leave. Christ’s Team is there to help rebuild when others have left, but needs the involvement of more of its Team members.

Peace is found in prayer,
Robert C. Frank