Thursday, April 21, 2011

It Is a Matter of Viewpoint

There is an old ethnic joke that has many variations but often represents an all too common viewpoint. In the Scandinavian tradition it goes like this. Sven says to his old friend, “Ole, some times I think that the whole world is going to the dogs except you and me and there are days when I think you are going too.” Communication is so good today that almost every bad event in the world is carefully documented. Adding to the negative perspective, TV viewing is filled with movie previews showing cities being blown up and autos flying in all directions.

When I go to the local supermarket I get a different view of the world. Not only am I impressed with the huge selection of food and supplies available to make us healthy and happy, but I am also impressed with how polite people are to each other: visitors as well as employees. I see many loving people there.

I am aware that there are still many people in the world who are suffering from illness, poverty, and natural disasters but Christ’s Team is working hard to change that. Visit any church on a Sunday morning and pick up a copy of their newsletter. They list the many things they are doing to aid people not only in the local community, but all around the world. Christ’s Team needs you. Join a church. The world will get better.

Peace is found in prayer,
Robert C. Frank