Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prayer: It's Wireless

Without a connection to God, the source of our existence, our lives are like boats without rudders in a restless sea. We live our lives with fuzzy and ever changing goals. Countless pages have been written about prayer and yet we still have much to learn. God doesn’t answer prayer in a loud baritone voice, or by email or Facebook, but in the subtle events of daily life.

Among the benefits of prayer is greater calmness because every little challenge doesn’t become a major crisis. Reacting to events in our lives with God’s wisdom improves our effectiveness. Courage provided by prayer permits us to face life realistically. Anxiety and anger are reduced because we tend to see those around us as loving people. Relationships with God and other people are healed more easily relieving us of the burdens of guilt and old grudges. Thus we are able to lead happier, healthier, and more efficient lives.

In a way, the gift of prayer is like a treasure that isn’t often recognized. Many feel that prayer is worthless because they expect it to produce quick solutions to life’s problems. They don’t understand how the treasure is to be used. Prayer opens each individual to an awareness of the presence of God and that tends to quiet the emotional storms, soften the days of depression, and provide courage and hope when life is restricted thus making our lives more productive.

Peace is found in prayer,
Robert C. Frank