Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spiritual Direction

The spiritual journey of each human being is different since it depends on their individual capabilities or spiritual gifts, education, cultural background, and religious experiences. For most people the journey receives minimal guidance through prayer and attendance at worship services. Some people, however, are able to receive additional guidance from a spiritual director.

A spiritual director is a person, usually with special training, who becomes a spiritual companion to another for awhile. They meet on a regular basis, perhaps once a month. Most of the time, the spiritual director simply listens to the story of the other person and only occasionally engages in conversation. Their role is not so much to tell the person what their spiritual life should be as it is to help them discover it for themselves. The spiritual director is in essence holding a mirror to help the person observe their spiritual life as a member of Christ’s Team more clearly.

The responsibilities of pastors of modern congregations are usually so great that time available for spiritual direction is very limited. Thus there is a need for others who are willing to receive the special training and serve in that capacity. I was fortunate to have had Sister Audrey, a Benedictine nun, serve as a spiritual director for me for about a year. Our conversations were a great help to me in understanding my role as a follower of Jesus.
Additional information about spiritual direction can be found on the Internet.

Peace is found in prayer,
Robert C. Frank