Thursday, April 21, 2011

What a Team We Were Then

I watched a documentary about World War II on television a few nights ago and even though I lived through it and participated briefly in military service near the end, it seemed almost unreal, like a dream. It is hard to believe that virtually the entire world was involved in that strange war. One thing that stands out in my mind, however, was the remarkable teamwork that existed in our country at that time. We all knew what the goal was and worked together diligently to achieve that goal.

What an awesome team we were then. Even when the war was over we were such a great team that we helped rebuild the countries of those who had been our enemies.

After World War II we became engaged in a cold war race to the moon. We formed a new team for the race into space and it too was an awesome team. We knew what our goal was and enjoyed working together to achieve that goal. Our teamwork finally made the impossible possible when we landed humans on the moon in 1969.

Christians throughout the world are dedicated to relieving suffering, increasing effective living and providing better management of the Earth. As Christ’s Team their goal is to create a world where every human being can achieve their maximum potential. It is another case of an impossible task that can be made possible through teamwork if we can get the team focused on the goal.

Peace is found in prayer.
Robert C. Frank