Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Christianity and Team Sports

People from all over the world watched the recent Women's World Cup soccer competition between the United States and Japan. Viewers were easily drawn into it because the winner was not decided until the final kick. Team sports are very popular in our modern world. They are not only a form of entertainment, but continually remind us of some of the most important lessons of our lives. Lessons such as:
  • We all need challenges. Achievable challenges are needed to acquire skills and experience the joy of accomplishment.
  • Justice is essential. Everyone must obey the rules in order to provide equal opportunity.
  • Forgiveness is required. We must learn from our mistakes and failures, but the wounds must be healed quickly by forgiving others and ourselves.
  • Every team member is important. Each person has a different role to play and those differences must be respected and encouraged. 
  • Accountability is fundamental. The success of any team depends on every member’s full participation.
Christianity has been teaching these lessons for over two thousand years and that is one of the reasons Christ’s Team has grown to involve roughly a third of the population of the world. Weekly worship services have played an important role in its growth because they not only provide inspiration, education, accountability and direction but opportunities to practice what has been learned. Do you think God intended team sports to be part of the kingdom of heaven? Very likely, but they weren’t intended to be carried out at the same time as the weekly worship services.

Robert C. Frank
Author of: Christ’s Team