Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas, A Time for Teamwork and Happiness

Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ came to earth to teach humans how to work together. In our modern world, Christians have become Christ’s Team, teaching about God’s grace and helping all people lead happy and productive lives. Christmas, a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus tends to emphasize teamwork and bring family life to a focus. Mothers and fathers spend more time with their children planning and preparing food together, decorating their homes, and attending and participating in Christian events. For families that have learned to function as a team, Christmas is a time of exceptional joy and happiness.

Christmas is also a time for beautiful music. Teamwork is rarely mentioned in connection with music, but choirs, choral unions, orchestras, bands and ensembles are excellent examples of the teamwork required for the presentation of beautiful music. Each individual participant must play their part as well as they can but also be conscious of the fact that beautiful results will only occur if their contribution fits harmoniously with the contributions of the other members.

We live in a gradually evolving, remarkable, world that is a gift of our loving Creator. Christian churches throughout the world serving as Christ’s Team continue their efforts to teach that differences of view are essential, but happiness and achievement depend upon everyone working together harmoniously. Husbands and wives, trumpet players and violinists, and Republicans and Democrats don’t always think alike but they have to work together as teammates to produce the best results.
      Robert C. Frank
      Author of Christ’s Team