Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Common English Bible as an eBook

My wife and I read part of the Bible every morning during our devotions. Since the Common English Bible came out only a short time ago, we decided to obtain an ebook version of it and read it electronically on our Kindle. Using wi-fi we were able to download it and begin reading within a couple minutes. Due to improvements in software, searching the ebook version of the Common English Bible is easier than searching some earlier ebook versions of the other Bibles. You simply jump to the table of contents and click on the name of a book of the Bible. It takes you to the beginning of that book where you find a list of chapter numbers. Clicking on the desired number takes you to the beginning of that chapter. Then turning a few pages gets you where you want to be. The speed of all this depends on the kind of ebook reader you are using. Some are faster than others.

The Common English Bible is pleasant reading because it was designed to be read like we normally talk. Taking advantage of modern methods of collaboration, 120 Bible scholars from 22 faith traditions worked as translators for the CEB. In addition, early drafts of the translation were reviewed by 77 reading groups. Most of the mainline denominations were involved. The care that went into making the CEB authoritative is impressive. The Holy Spirit made good use of science for improvements in modern communication and as a result, my wife and I can look forward to many new adventures in Bible reading.
    Robert C. Frank
    Author of Christ’s Team