Friday, September 28, 2012

Every Human Life is Important

We tend to idolize the rich and famous, but Jesus Christ taught that every human life was important. I often think about that when I walk through the mall and see people of all sizes, shapes and backgrounds. There are now over seven billion people on Earth and since they were all created by God it means every one of those lives is important. We are all part of one great team responsible for the care of each other and the planet that is our home.

The fascinating thing is that people all over the world in the 21st century are gradually beginning to understand and respond to that lesson. In earlier centuries there were a relatively small number of Christian missionaries who were willing to give up comfortable lives to help underprivileged people in other countries. Today there are still such programs supported by Christian churches, but Christians are also using their advocacy skills to get their governments to provide aid to all underprivileged people regardless of religion or location. There are also a growing number of private foundations being set up to provide financial support globally. Thanks to modern science and technology we now have a communication system that permits us to know, in ways never before possible, where the needs are and how best to provide aid.

However, the work of Christianity isn’t finished. Christians around the world serving as Christ’s Team need to continue their efforts to teach others that we will all lead better lives if we work together and care for each other and the Earth.
    Robert C. Frank
    Author of: Christ’s Team