Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Teamwork in Christian Family Life

Family life has always been exceptionally important because extensions to the chain of life are created and nurtured within families. Not all families are ideal and today a family may consist of a husband and wife with children, one parent with children, grandparents with children, or two or more adults living together with or without children. In the Christian context, the family is intended to be a place where love is learned and life is nourished.

The birth of children is a vital part of God’s plan for the future and it places responsibility on the rest of the family to provide training and encouragement. Teamwork is essential and yet even in this 21st century, families rarely think of themselves as teams. There is a big difference between a team effort and people living together in loosely connected relationships. The team concept requires a well understood goal and coordinated effort on the part of the members. It also includes the understanding that every member is equally important to the success of the team in spite of their different interests and abilities.

Today the role of Christianity in the development of successful family life is more important than ever. Weekly worship services and Sunday School provide exceptional opportunities for helping family members learn to be members of Christ’s Team, a team dedicated to improving the quality of life for all human beings. By following in the footsteps of Jesus and teaching servant leadership and teamwork to improve the lives of others, our own lives are improved as well.
    Robert C. Frank
    Author of Christ’s Team