Saturday, August 31, 2013

Christ's Team in a Changing Tanzania

by Robert C. Frank

It is hard to believe how rapidly civilization in Tanzania is changing. Recently, Randall and Carol Stubbs who are American music missionaries at Tumaini University Makimura in Tanzania brought their family to our church to sing African music and tell us about the changes that are taking place in their country. It was impressive to hear how their world had changed just since their last visit two years ago. Theirs is now a world where there are some cell phones and computers, but clean water is often still a luxury.

The evolution of Christianity in Tanzania provides another example of how science has aided in the spread of the gospel. The Stubbs family maintains a web site that not only serves to keep people in their country informed of their work, but can help them obtain additional support for their mission from the United States and several European countries. Modern technology also made it possible for them to bring an important activity like the GLOMUS (Global Music in Higher Education) Conference to Tanzania last January. It lasted 10 days and involved 85 music teachers from 23 countries.

In some parts of the world, particularly in African and Asian countries, Christianity is growing with the aid of modern technology. In the United States and Europe where Christianity flourished for many years, long standing church traditions tend to discourage outsiders who are unfamiliar with them from getting involved. In these countries it may be necessary to open some windows and let fresh winds of the Holy Spirit flow in to get church growth restarted again.
     Robert C. Frank
     Author of Christ’s Team