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Christ's Team: Teaching Love and Teamwork With the Aid of Science

Anyone who has tried to help someone who is seriously ill is well aware that love is not enough. Teamwork and science are also required. That applies to all human problems, but it has taken us a long time to realize it. God gave humans the Bible to tell them that they were loved and needed to work together, but there were originally only a few copies and most people could not read. Then God gave humans science and technology and they made printing presses and with teamwork taught each other how to read and write. Today, with the aid of science and technology, anyone can easily carry a variety of Bibles and Bible commentaries on their tablet or iPhone.

Christ's Team is a summary of the fundamental concepts and practices of modern Christianity and is an invitation to active participation. The cover depicts Christians around the world acknowledging their team effort as they work together to create better lives for everyone. 

Robert C. Frank
The message of the book is woven from the following special features:

1. Christian unity in a civilization being created.
2. The Ten Commandments in the 21st century.
3. Prayer in an age of science.
4. The very important weekly worship service.
5. Christian teamwork in family life.
6. Helping strangers in need with the aid of science.

The strongest argument for becoming a Christian is that the followers of Jesus live happier and more productive lives by helping others live better lives. The physicist Paul Sabine wrote the following on page 216 of his book Atoms, Men and God: “Jesus’ declaration of a God of love can only command acceptance in so far as it can be verified in the inner experience of men and women, and find objective expression in their lives.”

A greatly improved civilization on earth is gradually evolving, but we are reminded daily of the many pockets of conflict that still exist in the world so dedicated Christian teamwork will always be required. Christ's Team encourages the reader to become an active member of a Christian church.

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The slide presentations below can be used to stimulate discussion in adult Christian education classes. The one called "A 21st Century View of Christianity" is a summary of the message of the book.

There is a Study Guide section in the back of the book, but it can also be seen by simply clicking on the slideshare version of the Study Guide below. If desired it can be downloaded to your computer. Once downloaded, you can print it using Adobe Reader (landscape). 


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Christ's Team: A 21st Century View of Christianity.

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