Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter: A Time for Gratitude and Rededication

by Robert C. Frank

We often forget that the same Jesus Christ, whose death and resurrection brought the forgiveness needed for salvation, also taught us how to live the best life we can today. He predicted that the kingdom of God in this world would grow to become very large. Today there are more than two billion followers of Jesus distributed over the entire earth helping those around them lead better lives. Improvements in the quality of life are accomplished when everyone works together, but that requires successful communication. Today worldwide communication is positively awesome and is involved in virtually every aspect of our lives. We live in a world of miracles.

It is the Christianity-science relationship that has provided much of the fertile soil required for the improvements in communication we are seeing today. Physicist and theologian, Stanley L. Jaki, wrote extensively about the role that Christianity had in the birth and growth of science. Scientific research today is vitally dependent on teamwork which has been part of the teachings of Christianity for over two thousand years. Science and technology have also provided valuable tools for the spread of Christianity. At no time in history have Bibles been more readable and accessible.

Easter is a time for all of us to become more aware of the wonderful world we live in and be grateful to our loving God whose evolving kingdom is continuing its efforts to bring peace, justice, healing and learning. The task is not finished and many problems remain so Christians serving as Christ’s Team need to concentrate on improving their teamwork and rededicate themselves to the effort.
Robert C. Frank
Author of Christ’s Team