Friday, June 20, 2014

Christianity Viewed from a Distance

by Robert C. Frank

When Christianity is observed from a distance it offers an unusually inspiring view. When earth is viewed from a distance, it is seen as a whole against the darkness of empty space, a reminder of what a gift it is even though only major features are visible. Christianity is commonly viewed in small pieces from the pages of the Bible or from church seats. When it is viewed from a distance, it is seen as a whole against the background of a potentially chaotic world civilization, a reminder that it too is a gift.

One major feature of Christianity is the number of people involved, approximately a third of the total population spread over the entire earth. Their guidebook is a book called the Bible that has been translated into more languages than any other book and has all the passages numbered for ease of searching and study. Christians are led by the spirit of Jesus Christ, who, when he was present on earth, provided the ultimate example of servant leadership, a teaching and enabling form of leadership that provided a path for the development of modern democratic governments. His death and resurrection brought forgiveness, a gift of our creator and a vital requirement for effective teamwork.

When we ask what all those Christians are doing, we find that most are involved in creating better lives for everyone on earth. Dramatic improvements are being made in the quality of life through the close relationship that has been developing between Christianity and science in recent decades.

Perhaps the two thirds of the people of the world that are not Christian may find this view of Christianity a more inviting open door than Christianity has offered in the past.

Robert C. Frank
Author of Christ’s Team