Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meeting God at the Supermarket

by Robert C. Frank

Rob Bell talks about God being ahead of us pulling us forward into the future in the 6th chapter of his book What We Talk About When We Talk About God. Later in the 7th chapter when he discusses our understanding of what is sacred, he says “Jesus doesn’t divide the world up into the common and the sacred; he gives us eyes to see the sacred in the common.” I’m going to suggest that one place we can find confirmation of those thoughts is in a supermarket, a place where our food gathering capability has increased dramatically in recent decades and a place that can be spiritually enriching.

Walking in the door of a supermarket, we are confronted with the great abundance of food items that came to us through the efforts of thousands of people who were involved in its production and delivery. All of those people and their teamwork are part of God’s continuing creation and recognizing that is a spiritual experience that fosters gratitude. 

The people we see in supermarkets, both workers and visitors, all come there with different backgrounds and needs. Yet they seem to be gradually becoming more thoughtful of the needs of each other and more forgiving when they interfere with each other’s lives. They are hints of a more advanced civilization that is evolving as the kingdom of God.

At the checkout counter there is usually a line of people waiting. If we say a little prayer during the wait, it can bring a greater appreciation of the dramatic improvements in the quality of our lives and remind us that the work isn’t finished. Our efforts are still needed.
Robert C. Frank
Author of Christ’s Team