Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Waking a Sleepy Christianity

by Robert C. Frank

There have always been many compassionate Christians in the world working tirelessly to improve the lives of the less privileged, but there also have been many others sleeping in who haven't been keeping up with our rapidly changing world. They haven't looked out the window to see that the kingdom of God has grown to be very large and changing as Jesus said it would when he compared it to a growing mustard tree.

The role of Christianity seems to be gradually shifting back to what it was apparently intended to be. The judgmental Christianity of history is giving way to a more compassionate Christianity. Christians are using lessons from the Bible, to help everyone on earth live a better life. They do that in the following ways: (1) Help all people understand how much they are loved by God and other people. (2) Teach them servant leadership and teamwork that spread the burdens of life out over many people. (3) Help them understand the importance of forgiveness and that the cross is the symbol and reminder of God’s forgiveness. (4) Teach them how to use prayer to relieve stress. (5) Show them that by participating in activities that help other people, they learn compassion and experience a sense of purpose for their lives. 

There are now over two billion followers of Jesus distributed over the surface of the earth. They are the largest and potentially the most influential team on earth, but they lack efficiency in their teamwork because they still think of themselves as individual volunteers instead of teammates on Christ’s Team. In a world where evil, poverty, and illness still exist, the whole team is needed as active participants.
Robert C. Frank
Author of Christ’s Team