Thursday, March 5, 2015

Christ's Team: Co-Creators in the Kingdom of God

“Christianity was born in an aging civilization whose destruction it survived to become the source of the spiritual life of a new and far greater civilization” is a quotation from the book Atoms, Men, and God written by the physicist Paul Sabine in the 1950’s. Many kingdoms have risen and fallen in the past two thousand years and Christianity still survives and grows. In his recent book From Times Square to Timbuktu, Wesley Granberg-Michaelson points out that while declining somewhat in the northern hemisphere, Christianity is growing very rapidly in the southern hemisphere, particularly in Africa and Asia. 

Christianity, as it exists today, is a mixture of liberal and conservative, visionary and care-taking, and happy and angry, but all Christians seem to be searching for solid ground. The searching is partly caused by the enormous supply of information about the Bible and church history made available by recent advances in electronic communication. As long as we stay inside the walls of our churches, Christianity seems simple, but once outside it becomes complicated and awesome because the kingdom of God is growing so rapidly.

One thing we learn when we study sports teams is that everyone on the team dosn’t need to think alike, but everyone has to be working toward the same goal. All Christians agree that God is the source of creation so everyone on Christ’s Team has to love and care for God’s creation and accept the forgiveness achieved through Christ’s death and resurrection. If we are to be God’s co-creators, as mentioned by Philip Hefner in his book The Human Factor, it means using our creative ability to produce a civilization where everyone loves each other and the earth. Then the world will be at peace and all children will grow up in happy families.
Robert C. Frank
Author of Christ’s Team