Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Face of God

by Robert C. Frank

I recently watched a television program about the history of the Hubble Space Telescope and saw the face of God there. However, it was not only in the awesome pictures from outer space, but also in the pictures of the human teamwork required to put the telescope in space, repair it and operate it. Gravity that is normally invisible reveals its presence when a ball is tossed in the air. God is also normally invisible, but is revealed through the creative teamwork of human beings. The face of God was seen in the life of Jesus Christ who used his servant leadership to teach teamwork to humans so that they could be participants in God’s creation.

 Everywhere you look on earth you can see evidence of God’s continuing creation. Some examples are the following: (1) Happy and loving families where new lives are created and nurtured. (2) People gathering weekly in Christian churches to learn how to develop loving relationships. (3) Medical centers where teams work on ways to improve human health. (4) Scientific research centers where teams of courageous people explore new paths of understanding. 

 In the Bible, God is often associated with love. The teachings of Jesus provide an understanding of how love and teamwork are related. It is teamwork that makes love functional. Teamwork by definition requires the coordinated efforts of people with different backgrounds and skills in order to achieve a specific goal. The use of the word love is often passive, while the word teamwork always implies action. So it is creative human teamwork that reveals the face of God and the Hubble Space Telescope permits us to see how awesome it is. 

Robert C. Frank 
Author of Christ’s Team