Monday, September 7, 2015

The Role of Christianity in God's Continuing Creation

by Robert C. Frank

Civilization on earth is changing rapidly and in many areas improving dramatically. What is surprising is that there are so few people that see the connection between these improvements and the life of Jesus Christ who lived over two thousand years ago. His death and resurrection brought forgiveness, but it was the unusual way he lived his life while on earth that changed the course of history and made the current improvements in life possible. It is only in recent years that we have begun to understand the significance of his servant leadership and the human teamwork that resulted from it.

The Bible is the cornerstone of Christianity and its rich wisdom should be read daily. However, the rest of the story of Christianity and its role in creation is still being written all over the world. The leader of the Roman Catholic Church travels often reminding us that it is time to get our act together and live more responsible lives. It is also becoming increasingly clear that if the Apostle Paul’s dream of the Body of Christ is ever to become a reality, it will be necessary to work harder to make Christian teamwork more efficient. 

Lack of understanding of the importance of the weekly worship service has led to a decline in attendance. The traditional understanding was that the weekly gathering was to worship God, but there is no better way to worship God than to assist God with the creation of a more mature civilization. The Sunday morning gathering is a team meeting to inspire members to work together to create better lives for everyone. Many current problems in communities and around the world could be solved with better teamwork.

Robert C. Frank
Author of Christ’s Team