Thursday, December 10, 2015

Creating a Peaceful Civilization on Earth

by Robert C. Frank

Jesus Christ came to earth in an evil empire in the Middle East over two thousand years ago. He came to teach people how to work together as a team and help everyone lead better and more peaceful lives. Since then many evil empires have come and gone, but the teachings of Jesus have survived and continue to lead us forward in the 21st century. 

Creation is an evolutionary process so the rate of improvement is dependent on past success and the teamwork of loving people. In each succeeding generation civilization should improve more rapidly, but there may be brief periods when progress slows or regresses. In our present period, many people are experiencing sporadic deadly attacks by evil ISIS leaders who fan the flames of uncontrolled anger in people who would normally be peaceful. It will require a new thoughtful and creative response.

The central message of the teachings of Jesus is that every single human life is important, so at Christmas we honor Jesus when that becomes the focus of the holiday. It is a time for teamwork and happiness in families all around the world. With the aid of science, people are experiencing healthier, more productive and longer lives. At Christmas it is important for us to focus on the positive achievements in our world and avoid lingering on negative thoughts that can lead to despair. Popular Bible scholar and theologian N. T. Wright has often referred to the birth and life of Jesus as the new beginning of a growing kingdom of God, a kingdom that promotes the development of peace. That seems worthy of a wonderful celebration this Christmas.
Robert C. Frank
Author of Christ’s Team