Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christianity in a Maturing Civilization

by Robert C. Frank

The Christianity of earlier centuries is declining and a new Christianity is evolving that is adjusting to a more mature civilization. Human communication today is far superior to that of even a few decades ago. During the first three quarters of the history of Christianity there were no printed Bibles and very few people could read. Today not only is it possible to carry several versions of the Bible on your iPhone, but it is also possible to listen to a variety of your favorite Bible scholars present their views on YouTube videos on the Internet.

When we were children, we obeyed our parent’s commands in order to avoid punishment. When we grew up we realized that our loving parents simply wanted us to have a better life. So it is with Christianity. In earlier centuries when few people could read or write, they obeyed God’s commands to avoid punishment. Today we understand that our loving God gave those commands to help us create a more peaceful civilization and live happier lives.

Christianity will always be dedicated to the growth of the kingdom of God that Jesus talked about and that we pray about in the Lord’s Prayer. The death and resurrection of Jesus will always be a focal point of Christianity because forgiveness is such a vital part of human relations. God loves us so it will be a challenge for Christian leaders like Pope Francis and those in other denominations to help Christians adapt to changes in civilization on earth that require more teamwork. The future of Christianity will be very bright and beautiful when they are successful. 
Robert C. Frank
Author of Christ’s Team