Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter: Celebrating the Dawn of the New Creation

by Robert C. Frank

While Easter is a holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and its connection with life after death, it is also a celebration of the dawn of the new creation in this current life. Theologian N. T. Wright has often referred to the resurrection of Jesus as the beginning of the new creation.  So leaving the darkness of history behind, in the new creation God is asking us to work together as a team to bring light to the world and make changes that provide better lives for everyone.

The new creation that began with the resurrection of Jesus has been going on continuously for a very long time and involves millions of tiny steps. Historically, improvement in the quality of life occurred when permanent records could be kept and passed on from one generation to the next. At first it was the development of printed documents, then photographs, and in recent years, computer memories. As a result of the current availability of such a large amount of recorded information, life is improving at a high rate. The servant leadership of Jesus Christ that has been passed on to his followers provides the motivation to improve lives and science has been of assistance in making it possible.

Christ’s Team, with the aid of science, produces new medical miracles almost weekly. The kingdom of God on earth is now growing very rapidly and people are living happier, healthier, and longer lives every year. The world isn’t perfect, but we all have an abundance of reasons to celebrate Easter and the dawn of the new creation.
Robert C. Frank
Author of Christ’s Team