Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lent: A Time for Christians to Refocus

by Robert C. Frank

Lent is traditionally a time for penitence, but repentance without redirection becomes hollow, so it is also a time for refocusing our lives. There are certain activities that are practiced to solidify our Christian faith. Lent is a time to examine them carefully to see how well we are doing. In the paragraphs that follow we will discuss some of them and try to understand why they are so important.

Prayer is experiencing the presence of God. There are many forms of prayer, but it is often most meaningful when in an atmosphere of silence. The following is a list of possible opportunities for people who lead busy lives. (1) When lying in bed in the morning after waking is a good time to express gratitude for the loving people in our lives. (2) Before meals. (3) Every time we need to wait for someone or something during the day. (4) Upon going to bed at night. The Lord’s Prayer is a beautiful prayer.

The Bible is a book of great wisdom so it is helpful to set aside part of each day for devotions. Selected passages from the Bible can be read followed by a brief commentary provided by some Christian writer. In addition to reading the Bible, during Lent is a good time to begin reading books by other Christian writers

The following are some reasons why regular attendance at weekly worship services is so important. (1) The spoken word, visual setting, and music invite the person who attends into communication with God in ways not achieved in other environments. (2) Regular attendance helps remind members to be accountable to each other in living the Christian life. Lent is an important time for regular church attendance.

Lent is also a time to practice loving all of God’s creation. 
Robert C. Frank
Author of Christ’s Team