Friday, June 16, 2017

What is Christianity's Goal?

by Robert C. Frank

Eternal life is often thought of as Christianity’s goal, but the large number of lingering questions about life after death have led to confusion, conflict, and division. Therefore, wisdom suggests that Christians need a more unifying goal that concentrates on life in this current world and leaves decisions about life after death to God. Teamwork and outreach can be improved if a goal more appropriate for Christian effort in our current civilization is sought.

It is universally accepted by Christians that God is the creator of all human beings and they live on a beautiful blue and green planet that God provided. It is also accepted by Christians that the death and resurrection of Jesus have come to symbolize the assurance of God’s forgiveness of all humans when they request it. That permits them to lead more peaceful lives with each other. Information about the life of Jesus confirms that he was the ultimate servant leader who consistently healed and cared for people with a variety of problems and backgrounds. He taught his followers to love God and each other. In the world today, Christian mission programs are helping people everywhere live more healthy and peaceful lives.

A summary of the preceding paragraph suggests that a possible goal for Christianity could be to help all people on earth live better lives. 

That goal would be understandable to everyone, both Christians and non-Christians. It has already been a goal of Christianity for a long time, but not explicitly stated as Christianity’s goal.