Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Role of Science in the Celebration of the Reformation

by Robert C. Frank

Science has been an important aid in the spread of the Gospel and yet it has rarely been acknowledged as a gift from God. At the time of the Reformation it was the availability of the printing press that made it possible for so many people to read Martin Luther’s views and provide support. The printing press was also useful for providing multiple copies of the Bible so that more people could read it. The printing press did not suddenly appear by magic. It was the result of early developments in science and technology. 

This fall as the Reformation is celebrated, science and technology have made it possible for people from all over the world to travel to Germany. Christians can now carry several versions of the Bible on their iPhones. eBooks like the Kindle can be used by people with poor vision. If Martin Luther were alive today, we could all watch him present his views on YouTube video-clips on the Internet. The answer to virtually any question that we might have about the Bible or the Reformation can easily be found on the Internet using a computer. 

 At the time of the Reformation only a small percentage of the people could read or write. Today, because of advancements in science and technology, literacy throughout the world is improving rapidly. Dramatic achievements in education have occurred because of the cooperation between Christianity and science. God is using that relationship to create an improved civilization on earth. It is time for all Christians to be aware of that and thank God for the gift of science as they celebrate the Reformation that assured us of God’s grace and forgiveness. More about how science aided the spread of the gospel can be found on the slide presentation here.