Monday, January 8, 2018

Three Ways We Observe God's Love

By Robert C. Frank

There are three ways we observe God’s love in the world today. They are as Creator, Teacher/Redeemer, and Holy Spirit. The following are my understanding of those three ways.

God, the Creator. God is the source of all creation including the continuing creation of civilization on earth. God keeps creating more children and all human lives are gradually being improved. God’s creation is carried out with the assistance of human beings. Some people have creative ideas and some help make it possible for those creative ideas to become reality. Those who help God turn creative ideas into reality include parents, doctors, nurses, teachers, financiers, engineers, accountants, construction workers, factory workers, and custodians.

Jesus, the Teacher/Redeemer. During his life on earth, Jesus taught servant leadership through words and examples. He taught people to love and take care of each other by healing the disabled and feeding those who were poor. He taught servant leadership to his twelve disciples and those who came to listen to him and told them to teach others. His death and resurrection brought the assurance of God’s forgiveness to all who seek the healing power of forgiveness in their lives.

God, the Holy Spirit. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, the spirit of God associated with teaching humans about Jesus was called the Holy Spirit. Part of the work of the Holy Spirit was the creation of the Bible, the written record of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and the earlier history of the Hebrew people. The continuing work of the Holy Spirit is to unite all followers of Jesus around the world to form the Christian Church, a team effort to improve the lives of all people.

Thus, God's love can be observed in the continuing creation of a better civilization on earth involving servant leaders who love and care for all people and work together in a team effort.