Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Teamwork or Chaos

by Robert C. Frank

Those of us living today are being given a remarkable education. We get to observe the comparison of modern democratic governments involving teamwork with ancient imperial forms of government controlled by kings. Jesus Christ was a servant leader who taught others to be servant leaders and eventually, as people became educated, that led to democratic governments where all people have equal voice and take turns leading. Decisions are made by advice provided by many people with different views and finally there is thoughtful agreement of the group. In ancient imperial forms of government, one person made all the decisions with or without advice from anyone else and decisions could be altered and reversed at any time.

There are still remnants of democracies in the world today, but there are currently ideologies threatening to limit control of governments to small groups or individual leaders. Imperial governments work when most of those being governed are uneducated, but when they are educated, and communication is as good as it is today, it leads to chaos. The change in leadership that started in America a short time ago has involved too little teamwork and is in danger of becoming imperialistic, leaving people in the country stuck with chaotic decision making.

If the Christianity illustrated by Jesus Christ’s servant leadership does not prevail, we are all going to live in a chaotic world. That is why the teaching of Christianity is so important today. Christians have the ability to create a better world for everyone, but it must involve teamwork. The better world of the future will require Christ’s Team.