Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Christianity-Science Team

by Robert C. Frank

An observable and indisputable truth is that civilization improved very slowly for thousands of years and now it is improving very rapidly. My view of why this is happening is that the rapid improvement is being produced by the teamwork between Christianity and science.

The servant leadership teaching of Jesus Christ during his life on earth made humans aware that every human life was important. He healed the sick regardless who they were and taught people to take care of each other. His death and resurrection brought forgiveness that provided healing of human relations. Unfortunately, without science, Christianity was limited in the tools it had to work with to carry out God’s plan. 

Science provides the knowledge required for technology and technology produces new tools to aid people with special needs. For more about science's contribution to Christianity see the slide presentation "How Science Aided the Spread of the Gospel" that is the second one on the right.

One example of Christianity-science teamwork is the construction of a children's hospital by International Health Partners at Zinga, north of Dar es Salaam, in Tanzania . Leaders, Dr. Dennis Lofstrom and his wife Paula have been visiting churches in the USA for some time seeking financial support. Motivated by Christianity and aided by science the hospital developed slowly at first and now the buildings are going up more rapidly and being equipped with modern medical equipment. 

The development of the hospital is a remarkable example of the result of teamwork between Christianity and science. Read about the hospital at The work is ongoing, but many African children are now beginning to receive the medical aid they need. (A revised version of an essay posted November 2016)