Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Christ's Team Was Designed for Christian Outreach in an Evolving World

 by Robert C. Frank

The Holy Bible, the major book of Christianity, is actually a library of books used by pastors for sermon topics in their churches. It contains over a thousand pages of stories of wisdom and conflict. Christian organizations sometimes hand it to new members to introduce them to Christianity but due to its great length and complexity, it is poorly designed for Christian outreach. Even when studied by theologians and Bible scholars, it often leaves the reader with many unanswered questions.

A book designed to be handed to people who have minimal or no Christian background should be short and well-focused on the basic principles and practices of the followers of Jesus. It should also be written in the everyday language of the people who will be reading it and not sprinkled with words from the ancient language of the church.

Christ’s Team was specifically designed for Christian outreach in an evolving world. It is a short summary of the basic principles and practices of Christianity, written in common secular language, and laid out in a simple and logical manner. It also includes brief statements about how science has aided the spread of Christianity.  In addition, it contains answers provided by human history to some questions not treated in the Bible, such as, “What impact did the teaching of Jesus during his life have on the history of civilization?” After reading the book, Dr. George L. Murphy, author of  Toward A Christian View of A Scientific World  wrote, “I think the book should be helpful especially for the increasing number of people who don't know much about the faith and are unfamiliar with the traditional language.”