Thursday, October 31, 2019

Seeing How Christianity All Fits Together

by Robert C. Frank

I keep reading my book, Christ’s Team over and over because I like seeing how beautifully the parts of Christianity all fit together. When we read and discuss parts of the Bible in daily devotions or in the weekly worship services, we are seeing only separate little pieces of Christianity each time. When you see how all the principles and practices of Christianity fit together in a world where science is an important aid, the view provided is remarkable. Belief in God as our creator is encouraged by the fact that for each living thing that we see in the world around us, its development plan is recorded on a tiny DNA molecule so small that it can’t be seen. Our belief in God is also supported by the fact that the path of all creation appears to have a direction leading to a better world.

A unified view of Christianity helps us understand the following: All people are created by God and are expected to assist God with the creation of civilization. Jesus Christ was a unique human being in creation who came to teach servant leadership and provide the assurance of God’s forgiveness. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God gathering humans together and helping them understand the teachings of Jesus. Christians are people who are willing to learn servant leadership and become followers of Jesus. When they are trained in servant leadership, they tend to love each other, participate in teamwork, and share their lives more freely with others. Their lives then contribute to the development of a more peaceful civilization for all people.