Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Road Back to a Better Future

by Robert C. Frank

We were sailing along. With better communication, our world was beginning to improve more rapidly. Christianity, aided by science, had spread over the entire earth providing a more peaceful and stable civilization in the world. Christians were gradually becoming aware that our understanding of teamwork and government by democracy was traceable back to the servant leadership life of Jesus Christ. That came across most clearly in the Apostle Paul’s comparison of the followers of Jesus with the function of the parts of the human body in 1 Cor. 12 in the Bible.

Unfortunately, since 2017, America has had a President who would prefer to lead a monarchy rather than a democracy and Christian integrity and teamwork have been pushed into the background. As a result, the government of America has become more like the governments of monarchs and dictators of the past. Progress has slowed because everything depends on the approval of the boss.  The President’s Cabinet of advisers has been in a constant state of change.

Lois Capps wrote a book published in 2018 and available on Amazon that is about her Christian life while serving in the US House of Representatives from 1997 to 2017. It is called Keeping Faith in Congress: Why Persistence, Compassion and Teamwork Will Save Our Democracy. The book illustrates the value of Christianity and teamwork in democratic governments. If we are going to restore a rapidly improving civilization in the world, we need to return to our earlier well-functioning democratic government in America. Then Christianity, aided by science and teamwork will again help produce a smooth road to better lives for all people.