Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Christianity and Science Are Both Needed in Combating the Coronavirus

by Robert C. Frank

The special coronavirus, COVID-19, that is spreading around the world is producing an enormous amount of anxiety, and people are dying. It appears that our best chance of bringing the virus under control will benefit from the assistance of both Christianity and science. Christianity provides the compassion, integrity and teamwork that is needed, and science provides the technological tools needed for medical assistance. Christianity has a long history of involvement in the improvement of medical practice. Only a century ago, many of the best hospitals in the world were Christian hospitals.

Today, Christian church congregations have spread over the entire earth and have become the largest network of mutual trust in the world. During his life, Jesus Christ was a servant leader who mingled with the people and helped all those his life touched lead better lives. He healed the sick and helped the poor. Today his teachings train his followers to become servant leaders like himself who continue to care for the sick and the poor.

However, as the book Christ’s Team: A 21st Century View of Christianity helps us understand, it is the connection between Christianity and science that has proved to be so important in the improvement of the quality of human life. They each make important contributions, but they depend on each other to fulfill their purpose. It was science that made it possible for Christians to have their own copies of the Bible and it was Christians who encouraged people to learn to read. Today, to combat the global attacks of coronavirus, COVID-19, both the worldwide Christian Church teachings and the powerful tools of medical science will be needed.