Friday, April 17, 2020

God's Miracle in the Spring of the Year 2020

by Robert C. Frank

On Easter Sunday morning in the year 2020, except for a few rare cases, there were no gatherings for worship services in Christian churches as had been the custom for thousands of years. This unusual situation occurred because Christians had been alerted to the fact that a disease caused by viruses was spreading around the world when people were in closeness to each other. The cancellation of the gathering of Christians for worship on Easter Sunday morning was a massive undertaking because Christian churches are now distributed over the entire earth. To achieve the purpose, God performed a miracle with the aid of science.

Most Christian churches now have their own websites on the Internet to keep their members informed of their various activities. The members of the churches who took care of the websites were aware that during the past year, colleges and universities were using their websites to permit their alumni to watch sporting events on their computers and iPhones using a process called “streaming.”

So, on Easter morning in the year 2020, churches around the world began streaming their church services that were being held with only the pastor and a few musicians in attendance. Anyone with a computer or an iPhone anywhere on earth could tune in to the service at any church and receive the gospel message. Since it involved churches all over the world, it was another of God’s miracles that was carried out with the aid of science. God is still creating civilization on earth with the aid of Christ’s Team and science.