Friday, July 3, 2020

Christianity, Science, and the Coronavirus

by Robert C. Frank

The special coronavirus, COVID-19, that is spreading around the world is producing an enormous amount of anxiety, and people are dying. It appears that Christianity and science will both be needed to bring the virus under control. Christianity provides the compassion, teamwork, and discipline that are needed, and science provides the technological tools required for medical applications. Science has taught us that Covid-19 will disappear when we love each other enough to wear masks and, for the time being, social distance. Those efforts require discipline.

Today, Christian church congregations have spread over the entire earth and have become the largest network of mutual trust in the world. During his life, Jesus Christ was a servant leader who taught his followers how to be servant leaders. Today to continue social distancing, Christian churches around the world teach people about his life using a method called “streaming” that was invented by science and where members remain in their homes and receive the messages on their computers.

The American President and his followers have been teaching people to look out for themselves first. The coronavirus has been teaching us that the world will not get better until people love and care for each other. Loving and caring for all people has been the goal of Christianity from the very beginning but occasionally it has drifted away from that understanding. While not mentioning the coronas virus, the book Christ’s Team: A 21st Century View of Christianity helps readers understand the importance of the connection between Christianity and science for producing lives in which all people love and care for each other.