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There are two important features of Christ’s Team that make it easier to understand modern Christianity. (1) The book shows the natural connection between the teachings of Jesus Christ and the concept of teamwork that is so important in the 21st century. (2) In addition it illustrates the interrelation of Christianity and science required for the relief of suffering and improvement of civilization. 

There have been a growing number of Christian writers and Bible scholars such as N. T. Wright, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Diana Butler Bass, and Richard Rohr, whose recent books have expressed the view that it is time to place more emphasis on using the teachings of Jesus to improve the quality of this current life and leave decisions about life after death to God. Christ’s Team presents a summary of the teachings of Christianity that is in harmony with that viewpoint and encourages Christian unity.
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In Chapter 1, the book begins with a brief history of creation from the big bang to the present, emphasizing the roles of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in the evolving creation of civilization.

Chapter 2 focuses on the relationship between Christianity and science in efforts to improve the lives of all people.

Chapter 3 is a discussion of why the Ten Commandments and the two suggested by Jesus are needed for successful teamwork.

Chapter 4 emphasizes the special features of prayer and how it is used to receive guidance from God.

Chapter 5 describes the weekly worship services and why they are so important for improving the quality of human life.

Chapter 6 discusses the development of teamwork in family life and its relation to service on Christ’s Team.

Chapter 7 describes how members of Christ’s Team have made life better for all human beings.

Chapter 8 creates a vision of the future of life on earth and the role that Christianity must continue to play. Thus the book provides an unusual view of Christianity in the 21st century.

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