Book Reviews

The Basics of the Christian Faith in a Cosmic Setting

By Dr. George L. Murphy - Author of Toward A Christian View of A Scientific World | February 18, 2012

Robert Frank has done a nicely compact job of presenting the basics of the Christian faith in a cosmic setting by starting with the flow of creation. I think the book should be helpful especially for the increasing number of people who don't know much about the faith and are unfamiliar with the traditional language.

A Faithful and Creative Approach -- 4.0 out of 5 stars

By H. Franklin Showers | August 31, 2009
I find this approach to the mission of Christianity both faithful and creative. For too long Christians have viewed themselves as individuals called to live a moral life like Jesus. All along Jesus was calling us to be body builders. We each have unique gifts to contribute. We are on a team that when fully functioning changes the world. This book challenges you to accept your role on Christ's team.

A Unique Perspective – 5 out of 5 stars

By Roger Erickson | March 25, 2011
Dr. Frank, as a scientist, takes the broad subject of Christianity and organizes it in a logical and understanding manner that we can understand and apply to our lives. As an example, the complex technical subjects of creation and cosmology are related to Christianity in a manner that permits an understanding by non-technical individuals without compromising the highly technical facts. Dr. Frank provides a unique perspective of Christianity by building on the compatibility without conflicts of science and Christianity.